You wouldn’t know……..

You wouldn’t know

From the morning which dawned today

How hard it rained last night.

Distant rumbles of thunder, silver sheets of lightning,

Rain, wind and hailstones

A cacophony on the roof.

A fine mist on my face through the windowpane

A shadow of the summer rain outside,

Waking me up easily

From a troubled sleep.


You wouldn’t know it at all….

Clear blue skies, a fine sunny day.

No traces of last night’s rain and hail

No puddles of rainwater.

They have vanished as stealthily as they arrived-

Unless you remember the heaviness yesterday held

And how you felt robbed of energy

And longed for the bed

And fell into a deep deep sleep

The moment you did.


No, surely you wouldn’t….

But if  you looked closer,

And saw that the black tarred road looks freshly washed

And the leaves all possess a special glow

A lilt in the air

New buds on the jasmine

Were they here yesterday?

New beginnings, new growth

A brand new carpet of grass.

Miniature dams and ridges by the walkway

Made of twigs and dry leaves and washed out earth.


Definitely not…

For yours is the sleep of the young

Deep, innocent and untroubled

No nightmares, nor dreams that you would remember in the morning

I heard you laugh out loud merrily

Playing with friends from other realms

In faraway planes of consciousness.


And when I tell you about last night

How the rumble of thunder woke me up

And of the drumbeat of  hailstones on the roof

And of how before the rain, the wind rose howling

And of the torrent from the skies which opened up

You yawn, and ask, Mummy, what thunderstorm?

And what is a hailstone? How does it look like?

I wish you had woken me up too.


But was I awake? Did it really rain? Or did I dream the whole thing up?